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Tiger Endler - Male

Tiger Endler - Male

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Tiger Endler Livebearer

Meet our exquisite Tiger Endler Livebearers, an aquatic gem that adds a dash of color, vitality, and elegance to your home aquarium. A rare variant of Poecilia wingei, this small but vibrant fish is renowned for its striking tiger-stripe patterns, a play of iridescent green and orange hues that are truly captivating.

Despite their exotic appearance, Tiger Endler Livebearers are not just for the seasoned aquarists; they are a perfect fit for beginners as well. Owing to their hardy nature and adaptability, these fish are relatively low-maintenance, making them a great choice for novice aquarium enthusiasts. They can comfortably adapt to a range of water conditions and are generally tolerant of fluctuating parameters that might stress other species.

With a maximum size of just 1.8 inches, these petite fish are ideal for nano tanks, community tanks, or species-specific setups. They are an active, peaceful breed, displaying playful behaviors that are sure to entertain you throughout the day. It's fascinating to observe their social dynamics, particularly during their flamboyant mating displays.

One of the most remarkable traits of Tiger Endler Livebearers is their livebearing characteristic. Unlike many fish that lay eggs, these breed directly to free-swimming young, a feature that can add an exciting dimension to your aquarium experience.

Purchasing our Tiger Endler Livebearers is not just a decision to enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium, but also a commitment to supporting sustainable fish keeping. Our Tiger Endler Livebearers are responsibly bred in captive environments, helping to preserve the wild populations of this magnificent species.

Take home our Tiger Endler Livebearers, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of aquatic life. The vibrant play of colors, playful antics, and intriguing breeding behaviors are sure to enchant both the novice and veteran fish keeper alike.

Species: Poecilia wingei
Size: Up to 1.8 inches
Lifespan: 2-3 years
Diet: Omnivorous
Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallons
Water Conditions: pH 7.0-8.5, 64-82°F
Temperament: Peaceful, Active
Breeding: Livebearer

Please note: Our livestock is quarantined and observed for health assurance before being shipped. If you have any questions or require additional information about this fish or its care, don't hesitate to contact our customer service. We're here to guide you on your aquatic journey!

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