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Rosey Loach

Rosey Loach

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The Rosey Loach, scientifically known as Tuberoschistura arakanensis, is a spectacular freshwater fish species, prized among aquarists for its radiant, eye-catching coloration, fascinating social behaviors, and active nature. Vibrantly patterned with black and yellow-green stripes, these loaches add a dash of the exotic to any home aquarium.

Water Parameters:

Rosey Loaches thrive in a temperature range of 25-30°C (77-86°F), with a preferred pH level between 6.0-7.5. They can adapt to a variety of water hardness levels, but generally, a dGH of 5-12 is ideal. As these species are sensitive to abrupt changes in water parameters, we recommend maintaining a consistent and stable environment through regular water testing and changes.

Substrate Type:

These bottom-dwelling fish appreciate a sandy or fine-grained, smooth gravel substrate that allows them to burrow and explore without risk of injury. They also enjoy the presence of smooth, rounded river rocks and dense plant cover for added security and stimulation.

Proper Care:

Rosey Loaches are social creatures that do best in groups of five or more, so a tank size of at least 120 liters (30 gallons) is advisable to provide adequate space for a small school. Being omnivores, their diet should be balanced with a mix of high-quality sinking pellets or granules, live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp or bloodworms, and occasional plant matter or vegetables.

Rosey Loaches also exhibit unique social behaviors, engaging in playful 'loach dances' and demonstrating nocturnal tendencies, making them a delight to observe during the quieter parts of the day.

Interesting Fact:

Contrary to what their peaceful nature during the day might suggest, Rosey Loaches are highly efficient snail hunters. If you have an unwanted snail population in your aquarium, the Rosey Loach could be an attractive, natural solution. It's not unusual for these fish to be introduced into an aquarium for the purpose of pest control, only to become the star attractions due to their charm and beauty.

Bring home a Rosey Loach today, and enjoy the dynamic and vibrant life it adds to your aquarium.

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