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Odessa Barb

Odessa Barb

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Introducing the stunning Odessa Barb (Pethia padamya), a lively and colorful fish that will add a vibrant touch to any aquarium! Here is a detailed inventory description of this beautiful fish:

Description: The Odessa Barb is a small, active fish that grows to a maximum length of 2.5 inches. They have a bright metallic silver body with orange-red fins and a striking black band that runs along their body from their nose to their tail. The males are typically more colorful and have longer fins than the females.

Location: The Odessa Barb is native to the rivers of Myanmar and the Irrawaddy basin in India.

Water parameters: Odessa Barbs are a hardy species and can tolerate a wide range of water parameters. They prefer slightly acidic to neutral water with a pH range of 6.0-7.5 and a temperature range of 72-78°F. They also prefer soft to moderately hard water with a hardness level of 5-12 dGH.


Interesting facts: The Odessa Barb is named after the city of Odessa in Ukraine, where it was first bred in captivity. They are a schooling fish and should be kept in groups of at least 6 individuals to prevent aggression and promote social behavior. They are also known to jump, so it's important to keep the aquarium well covered. Odessa Barbs are omnivores and will thrive on a diet of high-quality flakes, pellets, and frozen foods.

In summary, the Odessa Barb is a beautiful and active fish that is easy to care for and suitable for both beginner and experienced aquarists. With their striking colors and active behavior, they are sure to be a highlight in any aquarium. Order now and enjoy the beauty of these incredible fish in your own home aquarium!

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