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Lotus Pods

Lotus Pods

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Lotus Pods come from the Lotus Flower. The Pod has many holes that hold the seed or nut, these can be eaten for human consumption. The dried Pod is a great source of tannins and nutrients for an aquarium holding fish or shrimp. They also serve as an ideal growth medium for biofilm and diatoms.
Lotus Pods also have buffering qualities. As they decompose, they release tannins that lower the pH of the aquarium but at a gradual rate. This is particularly beneficial for aquatic animals that require acidic, low-pH water. 

The dried Pod is also great for shrimp, invertebrates, and nano fish due to the holes of the pod acting as a shelter. The pods can have 5-20+ holes where the seeds use to be. This is a great shelter for shrimp and inverts and acts as a home and food.

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