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Blue Neon Rasbora (Sundadanio axelrodi)

Blue Neon Rasbora (Sundadanio axelrodi)

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Scientific name: Sundadanio axelrodi

Water parameters: The Blue Neon Rasbora is a freshwater fish that prefers slightly acidic water with a pH between 6.0-7.0, a water hardness of 2-12 dGH, and a temperature range of 72-80°F (22-27°C). They require clean water with good filtration and regular water changes.

Description: The Blue Neon Rasbora is a beautiful and popular freshwater fish known for its vibrant blue and red coloration. It has a small and slender body shape, with males having elongated fins. Blue Neon Rasboras can grow up to 1.5 inches in length.

Location: The Blue Neon Rasbora is native to Southeast Asia, particularly in the rivers and streams of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Interesting facts:

  • Blue Neon Rasboras are peaceful and sociable fish that do well in community tanks with other non-aggressive fish of similar size. They prefer to be kept in schools of at least six to ten individuals to reduce stress.
  • They are omnivorous and require a varied diet that includes high-quality flakes or pellets, as well as live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp and daphnia.
  • Blue Neon Rasboras are relatively hardy and easy to care for, making them a good choice for beginners. They prefer a well-planted tank with plenty of hiding spots and swimming space.
  • They are sensitive to water quality and require regular water changes to maintain optimal health. They are also sensitive to sudden changes in water parameters, so it's important to acclimate them slowly when introducing them to a new tank.
  • The Blue Neon Rasbora is a popular choice among aquarium hobbyists due to its striking coloration and ease of care. They are often used in planted tanks or as a colorful addition to community tanks.

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