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Platinum Parrot Cichlid

Platinum Parrot Cichlid

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Platinum Parrot Cichlids are thought to be hybridized versions of the Convict Cichlid and the Blood Parrot Cichlid with a platinum gene bringing out the white/platinum color and blue eyes.

These fish are actually relatively peaceful and not very demanding. However, when other fish pick on them they will act out. If they are spawning or looking for mates they may become aggressive.

Polar Blue Parrots do well in groups of 3 or more to help dispel aggression if any is present, though they may be kept solo.

These fish are older juveniles to young adults.

Sizes and looks may vary and as always no two fish look the same so

Please be aware there are no DOA agreements during the months of November to May due to variances in weather.

A heat pack will be added to the package if needed by selecting the shipping method w/heatpack
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