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Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp

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Scientific name: Caridina multidentata

Description: The Amano Shrimp, also known as the Yamato Shrimp or Japanese Algae Shrimp, is a popular freshwater crustacean in the aquarium trade. It has a transparent body with a distinctive dark green or brown stripe along its back. Amano Shrimp can grow up to 2 inches in length.

Location: The Amano Shrimp is native to Japan and Taiwan, where it is found in the mountainous regions of the country in freshwater streams and rivers.

Water parameters: Amano Shrimp are hardy and adaptable, but they prefer water that is clean, well-oxygenated, and slightly alkaline. The ideal temperature range is 72-78°F (22-26°C), with a pH range of 7.0-8.0 and a water hardness of 6-8 dGH.

Interesting facts:

  • Amano Shrimp are popular among aquarium hobbyists because they are excellent algae eaters and can help keep the tank clean. They are also peaceful and non-aggressive towards other tank inhabitants.
  • Amano Shrimp are named after their discoverer, Takashi Amano, who was a prominent figure in the aquascaping hobby. He was instrumental in popularizing the use of these shrimp in planted aquariums.
  • Amano Shrimp have a unique life cycle that involves hatching in freshwater and then migrating to the ocean to mature. After reaching maturity, they return to freshwater to spawn.
  • They are social animals and thrive in groups of at least six individuals. They are active during the day and spend most of their time scavenging along the bottom of the tank.
  • Amano Shrimp are relatively easy to care for and make great beginner pets. They are hardy and adaptable to a wide range of water conditions.
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